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Thread: MTS Log: Lean Bulk

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    You are a big exemple that MTS is high quality stuff because you look amazing all year round

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    Always great condition I believe in going through phases too fully reach potential though

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    Thank you my MTS fam 🙏🏼

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    2 weeks into TRT
    Current weight: 95.5kg
    (Stage weight 79kg)

    Retaining less water from the cycle, intramuscular and also SUBCUTANEOUS, so I actually look way dryer.

    Got results from blood work, everything came up pretty good.

    Actual goal is to maintain this conditioning till April where I will start the prep for my first comp of the year in June.
    I will go on slight deficit from march, as I don’t want to push too harsh on compounds for the first comp (regional NPC/IFBB Pro league), and diet/training will be on point anyway.
    I will go more harsh for the Pro Qualifiers competitions (2 in November, maybe 1 in December).

    Morning shape:

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    Absolutely insane condition now brother huge motivation them chest veins about to burst lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarrenW29 View Post
    Absolutely insane condition now brother huge motivation them chest veins about to burst lol
    Thank you my bro.
    Yeah just a simple paper sheet would cut them straight away 😂

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    I am spending a week of holiday in Asia to relax before starting my first prep of the year.

    Lightening isn’t great, and I’m still holding some water from the long hours of flight, so I don’t look as dry compared to the last check.
    Overall, my legs are a bit lagging as I didn’t trained them for at least 10 weeks du to knee injury (ligament elongation), I’ve got the green light from my physio so I recently started to train them.

    So I had changed my training split:
    •Day 1: Upper Push (chest/front delt/medium delt/triceps)
    •Day 2: Lower (Quads/hamstrings/adductors)
    •Day 3: active OFF (cardio/abs)
    •Day 4; Upper Pull (Back/Traps/medium & rear delts/biceps)
    •Day 5: Lower (Hamstrings/Glutes/abductors/calves)
    •Day 6: OFF
    🔁 REPEAT

    Ps: I’m red tomato because I got a huge sunburn lol

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    Down with 94kg, I’m started a pre cutting, I’m enjoying the (clean) food here, but with the heat and humidity, my metabolism is sky rocket like if I was on Clen 24/7.
    Also I train in a good old school gym, but with no AC, over sweating is guaranteed.

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    Weight 92kg.
    Slowly leaning down for my next comp in 12 weeks. I’ll start my next cycle at 8 weeks out.
    Test E: 150mg E4D
    HGH: 4iu per day
    Proviron: 25mg per day

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