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Thread: n00bie tren cycle

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    n00bie tren cycle

    Hi guys, so after a couple of beginners Test E only cycles I have decided to move up a little in the world. Got myself a couple of vials of Lean Gain from here was just going to pin that on its own for ten weeks. I have 2 weeks done. I began with .5ml eod as recommended by someone on another thread to see how I felt, felt fine, perfectly fine after 4 days so then started pinning 1ml eod. Still feel great, I guess this is a good thing right, but I was expecting some tren related sides, nothing, sleeping like a baby at night and not even a drop of night sweats,.. Is this a good thing or am I underdosing, are sides a "good sign". I am certainly open to increasing dose. 1ml eod is 300mg tren ace a week, that's a good beginners dose I have read. Or Should I stay put, thanks

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    dont just judge by the negative sides. judge by the positive results, this is afteral the point of taking steroids: to get results.

    give it a few weeks, keep the diet tight and cardio and tren is of very high quality so will do its job well.

    also pin tren ace ED, more stable bloodlevels. if you feel like which you do you can increase to 50mg ED, you will feel and see body changes from this for sure

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    Certainly not judging based on lack of sides, I was just expecting some even on 300mg a week, after all the research and horror stories I read lol, so I was bracing myself... all going great so far, thanks for the reply certainly may try that

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