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Thread: Bulk bomb (50 tabs / 100mg)

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    Bulk bomb (50 tabs / 100mg)

    A ton of people have bought this but no reviews. Please share your feedback on this product

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    I am intrested getting these but what would you does at and how many weeks max. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delboy View Post
    I am intrested getting these but what would you does at and how many weeks max. Thanks
    With any tablet you don't take it for extended periods and you start small and build up.

    I would never take orals no matter what they are for more than 4 weeks at a time. You will notice appetite drops and all sorts of issues if you stay on for more. Well that's for me.

    1 tablet per day.

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    Is that Epistane, Dbol, Anadrol, Winstrol? Since they are 4 drugs...

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    Excellent product as with all med tech gear,7ib I'm up in under a week,keep up the good work guys.5*

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    this stuff more potent for size potential than the pharma anadrol?

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    Are these back in stock now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt1986w View Post
    Are these back in stock now?
    yes they are

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    I've been using these for 4 days now with big n Full and I've noticed a slight difference, feeling more pumped, strength feels slightly up, still early days but I would say the signs are promising, I shall update my review in a week with hopefully more progress

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    Nice kicker - there's definitely a hefty dose of mystery ingredients in these, reasonable at 1 tab a day, 2 is the sweet spot (but visibly toxic, you'll want to keep the water intake up). Noticeable size gains and vascularity and not watery in the slightest (taken with 50mg of proviron)

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