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Thread: NPP/TEST P/DBOL cycle

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    NPP/TEST P/DBOL cycle

    Wanting to do an 8 week bulking cycle and put on as much size as possible with little regard to fat gain.

    My reasons for only doing an 8 week bulking cycle is I have a couple holidays coming up in September and again December which I will be abroad this unable to administer. Thus I plan to do an 8 week cycle between October and November.

    My plan was to go with

    Week 1 - 8 test prop 150mg eod
    Week 1 - 7 npp 100mg eod
    Week 1-5 dbol 50mg ed

    is there anything I could add/remove or change amounts of to make more/better gains?

    I know tren is an obvious one but looking to steer clear of it for now

    Previous cycle was dbol only 50mg ed for 5 weeks and put on 10lbs while dropping fat from 7% to 5%. Diet was 6 meals a day of high carbs high protein low fat. My metabolism is pretty fast

    170lbs 5'10" at 5% body fat as just away to go on holiday so have been cutting
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    8 weeks cycles -- not a big fan of them.

    I don't like fast acting gear for bulk cycles. I always front load my bulks too.

    My successful bulks is always with daily 1ml injections for 1 week of long acting TEST-E, DECA and then take a reasonable amount throughout the remaining weeks with insulin + hgh.

    Your dosages are not going to get you impressive results.

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    So mate... 2100mg TestE 2100 Deca

    HGH Slin.... This is Joeyflex style bulking <3 lovely.

    But you should be really big to use these doses... How much hgh and test for a guy at 100kg 10% bf?

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    Test p.1- 10 weeks
    Npp.1 - 10 weeks
    D.bol.1-5 weeks 50mg.ed.7 days a week
    Adex.start week 3.1mg.up to 1.5 if needed

    Nolva.40/40/20/20mg.a day
    Clomid.200/100/100/100.4 weeks

    Theres lots of options but this your 2nd cycle so no rush due not add tren yet,see what u get from this cycle keep us posted.

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    Very good cycle !! Excellent! And dont listing who tell you using clomid 200mg 100mg 100mg 100mg... plenty is 100 50 50 50

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