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Thread: Need helps on second cycle -100% newbie

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    Need helps on second cycle -100% newbie

    Dear All

    I hope youre well

    Im 100% newbie and by following some advices from a friend I tested during 8 weeks ( 1 injection per week) hard n lean oil injection.

    I felt very nice and stronger ( took 8.8 lbs)and I want lean.muscle. it was 5-6 weeks ago

    I have 187 cm / 73.6 in 81kg/178 libs and want to have a second cycle

    What do you think? Do I need to follow 1 injection per week? Is it not too early?



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    Hey ken, I'm pretty much in the same boat brother done a fair few courses back in my younger day but pretty much knew nothing back then to what I know now, eating, training etc, I will be honest haven't had gear in probably 7 years so I need some help. one of the big fellas in my gym was telling me he is running test 400 alone pct afterwards and he said he is the biggest and strongest he has been!! I'm thinking about just running that for 15weeks 2ml / week see how that treats me then move to bigger and better stacks

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