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Thread: blowing up lean again

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    blowing up lean again


    Due to serious back issues, losing my house, my job, other serious family stuff and other negative things I just couldn't train and got very low lost a huge am out of size.

    Currently getting lean now...about 17% currently so still chubby.

    Looking at getting down to about 8% and just cruising on 200 test e or a bit less just until stuff is healed up and being a skinny typical "beach boy" type look until I am gtg again.

    Now. I have come to accept sadly I will never be able to lift heavy anymore which for me is gutting because lifting heavy was my primary coping mechanism for life and my mental health. When I'd get sad i would lift. Angry? Walk outside to a scaffold and do Chins until fail....heave as much weight as I could off some safety rails on a bench set up. Bored? Push ups. Happy? Squats!

    Now that I have lost my coping mechinism I'll have to find a new one..a Healthy one...Unfortunately turned back to food again recently like I did when I was a teenager.

    So I wil have to make do with high volume training with light weights and just learn to deal with my limitations as heart breaking as that is for me.

    Lifting for me isn't about the results. It isn't about the look...looking in the mirror all big lean vascular hard boulder shoulders big traps chisled jaw big thick wide chest ripped abs leading down to huge sweeping veiny legs with coke cans for is about feeling my body move...feeling the weight on you...feeling yourself conquer a challenge you thought was a pipe dream. The best feeling isn t looking like a God. It is feeling your body move and swell up and strain...looking at a guy in the gymbyoh admire and doubting you could ever be like him. You know? The big lean amazing guy. One of "them"...the unachievable...and 9 months later you are bigger and leaner than him. That it why I train. Or at least used to. I am old before my time at age 20 with serious injuries so I'll have to move on past that now.

    Since I cannot train super serious any longer, I just want to look good and get some good pumps in the gym.

    Not fussed about being all this 3-6% bf shredded anymore simply because I cannot be like that anymore and honestly it is hell to get there. I'll never be able to compete on stage so what is the point for me, sadly?

    I'd like to sit around 8%-12% body fat and have a nice lean delicate type physique nowadays rather than he big hulking body I have had in he past that my joints cannot support.

    How do I blow up correctly? Lokig at getting to 8% bf small and bukkig to 14 ish then cutting to 10% and keeping there ideally.

    Not willing to use insulin and do not need to...same with hgh. Also kjowig myself insulin will

    I was thinking something like 300-500 test e 50-100 mg ED npp 50 mg ED tren ace and some sdrol at 10-20 mg.
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    HGH TEST TREN MAST EQ T3 T4 Ephedrine-> 4IU 350 350 350 750-1000 25mcg T3 75mcg T4 50mcg Ephedrine (i would try clen at 80mcg eod)

    For a 200 lb gent...
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    That seems a lot

    Any substitute for eq? Cannot run it because of the mind fuck it causes.

    Thyroid....rather not go near the stuff ever again. Had huge issues coming off of 100 mg t4 with depression and clinical hypothyroidism for nearly 10 weeks which resulted in me gaining like 10 lbs eating 2000 kcal per day..
    Thyroid is dodgy stuff. Honestly I'd rather run 200 mg dnp than touch thyroid hormones again. The effect coming off it devestated my mental health so royally it wasn't even funny.

    Stims...scared to use this Honestly. Heart doesn't really enjoy being stressed like that also anxiety insomnia all that terrible stuff.

    I want to play this safe from now on

    Done with cramming my body full of x y z to be big it isn't healthy

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    Then a nice approach can be.

    Having a starting base of. 300mg TestE 200mg MastE 500mg Eq
    4 weeks you add ANADROL+WINNY (2:1 ratio)
    4 weeks TrenA (350-700mg)
    Every 8 weeks raise Test and Eq 100mg circa both.

    Rinse and reapeat until you feel smashed or Test is too high.

    I would skip NPP/DECA, i hate, it's watery and gives me strange acne. But that's me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxino View Post
    Then a nice approach can be. Having a starting base of. 300mg TestE 200mg MastE 500mg Eq
    4 weeks you add ANADROL+WINNY (2:1 ratio)
    4 weeks TrenA (350-700mg)
    Every 8 weeks raise Test and Eq 100mg circa both.

    Rinse and reapeat until you feel smashed or Test is too high.

    I would skip NPP/DECA, i hate, it's watery and gives me strange acne. But that's me
    I see you are a big fan of eq mast and test. I recently purchased these 3. How would you dose each one without using an AI?

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    Mmmh without an AI it depends a lot on how much your body handles estrogens.

    A good rule can be Test = Mast then add EQ.

    Let's say that... best offseason lean mass protocol for sure is: TEST DECA EQ (some dbol here and there) HGH Lantus Humalog.
    But i don't like these cycles since it puts on my a lot of water and i prefer a modern approach: TEST MAST EQ

    Test is always KING of mass builder no matter what! I used in the past really low Test and high anabolics.... BIG ERROR!!!
    You have to learn how to use HIGH DOSES OF TEST no matter what.
    To handle high doses of test we have MAST and AI, so let's say you are superestrogenator 1g TestE + 1g MastE + 1g EQ

    Test dose depends much on how developed you are for a first timer on steroid with no much lean mass 500mg is plenty, for 2+ year user 750 is ok
    for more than 1g you MUST add HGH no matter what or you will blow up like a baloon and will looklike shit.

    If you decide to use high dose of HGH(6iu+) and TEST (1g+) for blow up be ready to add slin, and if you want to use slin you have to study a LOT how it works, it's not easy stuff to handle, and tbh if you want to use slin your aim is to became a MASS MONSTER like the mods here....

    In my opinion, if you are a random gym rat like me just stay at max 700-900mg TestE + Masteron + Eq, to find your sweet spot of use multiple Enanthat+Propionate esters both for Masteron and Test.

    If you use Test Mast Eq and have anxiety it's due to E2 not in check, spam Aromasin 25mg eod to destroy E2 add 5mg Taurine (helps a lot with anxiety and GABA) then add Adex. Usually i do that: 200mg Test -> 1mg Adex, 200mg Deca -> 0,25mg Adex, 200mg Eq -> 0,5mg Adex but that's me and i'm pretty estro prone.

    With all MTS products i will do: 600mg TestE + 400mg MastE + 1000 Equimax and that will be your "base" on top of that play with TestP and MastP
    once found your sweet spot you can add 4 weeks on/off of Dbol/Anadrol/Dbol+Anadrol (1:2 ratio).
    When bulking i found that the less you stress your body the more you grow so keeping TrenA away it will be okey, but if you want a more conditioned and dry look add 350mg TrenA or 400 TrenE.

    Test Tren Mast Eq are ALWAYS a good choice for an already pretty developed body.
    Test Deca Dbol are a good choice from a rebound from a superlean state (ie. superlean gymrat or just out from a competition)

    Basically supersimple cycle like CUT with low Test high Tren then BULK with Test Deca Dbol are best bang for buck.

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    I wrote too much!! FFS! Sorry


    300mg TestE + 200mg MastE + 500Eq

    450 TestE+ 300MastE + 750Eq
    600 TestE+ 400MastE + 1000Eq

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    Great info; much appreciated. Im running 300 mast e and 750 eq ew, feeling great but im not running any test because my nipples are a bit itchy running just these 2. Any advice

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    How much Test for someone like me,playing the game more than 3 decades?
    No money for hgh,but like to add more mass.
    Never did more than 600 mg of Test,but stacked with Deca and no orals.
    Good gains but very watery,back than.No AI at that time.
    Now doing 75 mg NPO amd 75 mg TrenA both eod.
    150 mg TestE once a week.More a kind of cruise for me.
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