Just sharing my prep cycle, just for information.

I am 13 weeks out....I compete at under 70kg and frankly outgrown it, I am currently about 79kg and lean! I normally cut to about 75kg and then make weight the night before. I have adjusted my cycle from last time as I have seem to have grown in the mini off season I had between my last show and now, so keeping test lower, tren higher etc.

Anyway here it is...got all my cycle off MTS, love it.

Clen cycle 2 weeks on/off, T3 tapered up each couple of weeks. Helios at 4iu a day for a month, then out for a month.

Next 4 weeks

400mg Test Prop, 300mg primo depot, 600-750mg super tren per week
50mg stanavar PD

10 weeks out
Mast Prop brought in

8 weeks out
400mg Test Prop, 300mg primo depot, 750mg super tren, 400mg mast prop per week
Lean Bomb brought in

6 weeks out
Shredded added in

4 weeks out
Halo, Methyl trien brought in

We will see where my weight is at (in terms of adjusting my test, we might even pull it 4 weeks out...)

That's it besides tamoxifen, then letro brought in as we get closer.

It's a heavier cycle than last time, mainly because I got a good deal from the 30 products offer from MTS! Might as we well use it.