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Thread: restarting completely (2)

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    Killing me being sat around all day like this.

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    Maybe the universe is just trying to tell me something

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    Maybe I am not meant for this

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    Starting to think I am not meant for bodybuilding

    I think honestly I have chosen something too difficult for me for the time being with my injuries

    Sometimes it isn't meant to be

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    Think it is time to call it quits for a while.

    I'll just try to maintain what I currently what I can do.

    As much as I'd like to I can't run before I can walk, literally.

    Also I need to mend my broken relationship with food before it kills me.

    Might be off for a while.

    Shame about being knocked off my bike, would be doing well if it didn't happen.
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    Just hoping I don't go down the obesity road again.

    So much pain in that past life.

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    relax, keep it simple, do what u need to do to recover and just stay on 200mg test e a week or something similar, trt dose have it in the blood ready, 9 months 1 yr later whateva it maybe, your ready to go, train light , dont let yourself get carried away, light n plenty reps, 30mins a day if you have to, do things which dont aggrivate or make any issues u have worse, slow and consistent wins the race. we dont quit!

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    It just kills me man
    I go to the gym and I just get frustrated and I desperately want to go do my best and I see everyone doing squats and all the other exercises I absolutely love to do and I just want to go and do it so much

    Like I love exercising more than anything in the world. Feeling your body move is just what I enjoy so much. More than anything. That feeling of movement in your body is just absolutely heavenly you know? Also the anticipation of getting under a bar loaded with plates and you're there like "can I do this..I don't know if I can" then you just shut your eyes get the adrenaline going and you prove yourself wrong. Proving yourself wrong is the best feeling ever.

    It is just hard for me to go and face the gym when I cannot do much in there. It makes me really sad and frustrated. Sort of sneaking off into the corner and doing lwg curls when I want to be squatting and desslifting and improving myself really sucks.

    You are right though it must be done.

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    Oh fuck it I'm 17% I could just suffer like a madman and get to like 10% in a few weeks

    Yes I'll hate it yes I'll loathe every moment but screw it.

    I used to be super hard-core. Big powerliftjng numbers in a very small space of time.

    what happened to me? I have lost my dicoplined edge. I lost my self respect. I lost my drive and focus.

    This isn't me. I know it is just depression doing this to me. I got to my level so fast because of my superior mind set. Hell I even trained through an inflamed patella tendons..torn shoulders I made sure I'd get on with it and not take NO for an answer.

    Screw it.

    Not having this anymore.

    I am better than this.

    I cannot even believe I wrote it quits. Jeez.

    Not happening. Not until I am dead and burried will I stop. It won't happen.

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    I'll just focus on what I'll lose if I give up and what I'll gain when I get to my goal.

    I cannot wait to walk up stairs and not be on pain due to my new nimble body.

    I cannot wait look in the mirror and like what I see again.

    Life is pain and suffering. That's how it is. I just have to put it into a little box and get ON with it.

    Christ guy next to me lives with no legs. Got scewered by a tractor when he was 17 years old and he gets through it.

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