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Thread: restarting completely (2)

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    I had so many choices I could have made
    I am in my position because of I made the wrong choices multiple times per day for weeks and weeks on end

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    Been prescribed movicol

    Instructed to drink lots of water

    This is a nightmare that I wish I could wake up from now

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    damn mate your anxiety and overthinking must be hard, dunno how uve taking the doses of gear you have in the past with equipose and tren and the like, either way lets think positive and be positive. your going to do this, even if it takes 10 years. slow and steady wins the race.

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    Trenbolone doesn't mess with me a huge amount under 100 mg >=100 mg ED I tend to be more impulsive, anxious and a bit easier to snap and lack of sleep

    50 mg does little. Get hangry on low calories lol that is about it!

    Eq...cannot take it.

    Even low doses of it sends me off the rails anxious.

    I'll never touch it again, it isn't for me.

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    Been to hospital

    Xray of abdominal cavity

    Looking like a phytobezoar

    Not good

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    Just been instructed to do what I was doing, drink some cola.

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    This was going well initially

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    Still cannot train because of it.

    Wasting away now.

    Just looking like a regular fat guy.

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    Sitting around cramping because of movicol.

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    Back to Dr today

    Block cleared! 6 l of diet coke later and it seems to have broken it down!

    Jeez .Makes you wonder what it does to your body...if it'll break down a mass that your body physically won't digest then what else does it do?

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