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Thread: restarting completely (2)

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    I really feel I don't deserve this. I literally took one dose with 250 ml water and not 500 did some cardio then I'm a wreck.

    Avoid psyllium husk for the sake of your life. Horrible.

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    Just chilling out today
    Isn't much more I can do for now but wait

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    Currently working out a more sustainable cut

    It has to have a small chocolate bar fit in there a few x per week otherwise I'll just pig out.

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    Another xray
    It has broken down!! Finally.

    Great news. Dr was all worried saying I needed surgery likely etc.
    Out of everything I have done in my life some powdered fibre is what nearly requires me to be cut open and operated on.

    Amazing really, just seeing the funny side of it.

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    Lol this legit has screwed up an entire almost 6 WEEKS of my life and my entire cycle

    Electrolytes only just starting to normalize past few days

    Wish me luck, would appreciate some PMs on the topic of cutting tips since evidently I am not very good at it lol

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    Good luck, believe in your self!

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    Lol cheers Nick
    I am looking at getting a coach to help me out. It's evident I have the drive but I always seem to go and mess myself up somehow so I need guidance, at least I'm self aware of this I guess.

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    Omg lol...still messed up
    Tried to train today and just cramped.

    More rehydration sachets

    Just going to laugh now at stuff going wrong

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    Good luck...hope you get it all squared away!

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    Well physio is starting soon
    Honestly the main problem is my mental state

    Being forced away from what I love to do has hurt me a lot. Nothing worse for me than being kept from being all I can be especially for so to be 2 year since my back injury.

    Exercise is my coping mechanism. It's what I do when I'm angry sad happy etc. A good day for me in the past 2 yrs is a day where I can walk properly and feel my pelvis move properly. Like i legit celebrate it when I can walk correctly.

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