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Thread: Ready for new Lean bulk cycle after cruise

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    Mate I'd love to look like that!!

    You look like a model. Pack some size onto yourself and you'd look awesome! You are like 4-6 months away from being really great.

    I would use 200 test e 50 tren a/d 50 npp and maybe 50 anadrol. Bulk to like 10%

    You are one of these guys that will shine with being Seriously lean as your special thing lol. If you are comfortable at 4.5 % then I don't see why you can't really push yourself and get to something insane like 3% come in really super shredded and dry and be "that super shredded guy at that show I went to"
    This is my target now some quality mass , i up my calories and next month start my new cycle , do you thing Tren/npp stack in the same cycle (for someone who has no experience with this compounds) isn't too much ?

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    It is an excellent stack for some real quality size.

    It is short esters so if it's too much then you can just quit them at any time and be clear in like 3 days.

    Try the tren on its own and if you are okay then add the npp

    I expect you'll be okay.

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    Honestly worst that will happen is you'll merely get some puffy nipples and water retention from the stuff

    It'll clear in merely days if you cannot handle it

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    I have ai's letro Adex, and dostinex on hand all ready before start the cycle. Safety first my frendq

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    Well then you'll be fine

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    I have to admit I am very jealous haha
    You do look really great and when you get more mass on you you will be looking really supurb
    4.5% body fat. Unbelievable!

    Don't you get cold easily? Serious question.

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    Haha i the sea in my first bath i am freezing cold

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    Btw I don't bknow how you handle eq

    Never again. I ran 600-900 last year.

    Worst mistake of my life so far honestly. It was horrible. HORRIBLE. Looked amazing. Looked so great but the mental effects on me were so severe. Never ever again.

    Nothing messes with me not even trenbolone apart from the lack of sleep I get sometimes and the breathlessness but Eq was just another level of mind screw. And it all happened at once too. Like I was totally fine then like in the space of about 3 days I got hungry as hell (literally insatiable) and anxious to the point of I didn't even know what.

    It gave me the worst BDD ever too...or at least bought it out. I was like 7% then I went to 9-10% because I cheated diet and I honestly thought I'd gained like 40 lbs of fat in a day it was horrible like I I still was lean but I saw like this total blob it was so strange.

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