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Thread: Ready for new Lean bulk cycle after cruise

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    Maybe your body can't tolerate EQ. Ι love it, use it on med to low cals and it keeps me full and my strenth is amazing! I feel hungry yes, but this is common if you cut the carbs. I have a cheat meal 1 /WEEK and thats it! I eat my prepared meals everywere, and i don't give a FCK for what someone else say. Becase i love this lifestyle ... So simple. I wish you the best , keep going , the best "enhance drug" is YOUR WILLPOWER to be better than yesterday for YOU

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    Equipoise is a good lean mass builder. I would try the EquiMAX which is dosed at 500mg. Or try the Big N Full blend of Test 400 and Equpoise. 2-3ML a week will put a very good amount of lean mass with your diet and a AI. I would add TBOL or Anadrol for the first 4-6 weeks for a kickstart. My opinion as Test, EQ and Anadrol is my favourite - have never touched Deca or Tren before and probably never will.

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    I have 20ml EQMAX is great i use it before, and i have Turinavar as a kick start for my next cycle

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    Tren and eq is a good combo IF you can handle the psychological sides
    ....which are rough

    Anxiety, ruminating, mood swings etc
    I don't understand why you are hesitant to use trenbolone honestly the sides aren't even bad at less than 100 mg ed! You'd ought to be fine on 50 mg ed because you are on a tonne of food! Worst side is feeling hypo...which you won't because you have over 3000 kcal going into you of whole clean real food

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