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Thread: Cycle Disaster, Need help ASAP

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    Cycle Disaster, Need help ASAP

    Im on week 10 of a cycle
    100 mg Test Prop MWF
    100 mg Mast Prop MWF
    400 mg Test E Every Sunday.

    Need to come off cycle ASAP due to possible mastitis. Im freaking out a little and need suggestions on ending cycle. I have letro that I started taking in case this was gyno but no effect yet. My pct is a blend of nolva, clomid, proviron, cialis. How would you reccomned coming off? Drop the test e and then do two weeks of prop and mast and then start pct 3 days after last injection? Any insight is appreciated.

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    I was told to do PCT 3 weeks after your last shot of test e.
    take clomid 100,50,50,50 for 4 weeks, and nolva 20,20,20,20
    take hcg from now until you start pct.

    that's what i've done

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    Btw did you try to take Caber?

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