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Thread: Marathon Runner

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    Marathon Runner

    Hey folks. I am a 56 year old marathon runner and I'm interested in what particular supplement you believe will help increase my performance the most. I really appreciate any suggestions.

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    Nothing aas wise really

    Maybe hgh at your age? Not really price justified tbh unless you're very serious.

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    Thanks! I'm very competitive and usually place in the top 10% overall. I have never used any performance enhancers. I'm at the age where I would like to see if they can help. My goal is to reduce my time during my races and compete with the young guys. I need to stay lean, but I want to add muscle strength and increase red blood cell production to maximize oxygen efficiency. Any other suggestions?

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    Boldenone aka equipoise is number one aas wise when it comes to increasing red blood cells.

    Actually depending on your natural testosterone production, you will of course benefit from low dose testosterone, will help a lot with recovery.

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    Smashedjuice is correct On eq
    didn't want to suggest it because of testing time

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    Thanks! I know that testosterone production reduces with age. I have considered getting my T-levels checked. There is a lot of advertisement today about replacement therapy. In doing a little research, I see that halo may help improve performance for endurance athletes with respect to red blood cell production and strength increases, but there is a lot of warning about liver toxicity. Any thoughts?

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    The eq suggestion is very helpful...thanks!

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    Honestly i wouldn't mess with halo, it is very toxic to say the least.

    That being said, i use it occasionally as a pre workout booster for cns activation.
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    Thanks for the advice. What about using halo for a few days leading up to a race and then during the race only? The goal would not to use halo for training, but for races only. I like the advice on eq and think it's worth pursuing. Wish I knew more...thanks for all of your suggestions!

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    Well it could bring out the competitive and aggressive side of you more

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