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Thread: Insulin/hgh pre workout protocol

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    Insulin/hgh pre workout protocol

    Sup guys,

    Looking to start my bulk soon and am going to use insulin and hgh (legit jintropin) this time. Goal is to maximize anabolism around my workout but without gaining too much fat from the insulin.

    Whats ur bet on this protocol:

    30min pre workout: 10iu jintropin subq
    HGH + 15min : 5iu insulin(starting low and am going to increase by 1iu every workout)
    Insulin + 5min : Shake containing 10g Cyclic Dextrin per iu insulin, 50g whey isolate
    Intra Workout : Shake containing 10g Cyclic Dextrin per iu insulin, 20g EAA'S, 5g Creatine, 10g L-Glutamine
    60 min Post worko: Solid meal: rice with chicken or something like that

    Will be shooting the insulin pre workout because i'm currently training a bit late and can't stay awake for 5hours if i would inject it post workout.

    Am going to run the following aas with the above protocol:
    - 150mg tren ace e0d
    - 300mg test ent e6d
    - 750mg equi-max e4d
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    With insulin you take the amount that brings blood sugar down there is really no set dose you need to trial it and take your blood sugar readings before and after the meal to see if you used enough insulin

    So it’s hard to say but what I can say
    Insulin pre post is the best intra is something I do not do

    You can take insulin with each meal but this becomes more advanced protocol along with long acting but for now pre post workout find your ideal insulin dose my checking blood sugar as everyone’s insulin sensitivity is different

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    If you want to keep it around the training, best is preworkout in my opinion

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