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    Epo is your best bet for insane performance but dying is a side effect.

    Cardanine is good iirc

    Beware about the supposed cancer risk. Lots of people kinda pussy out after they find out u can get cancer lol.

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    I received my first order yesterday. What a relief to get the package and to know that I'm dealing with a reputable company! Since I'm new to the world of PEDs, it has required a lot of research on my part to try and determine what might work for me as a marathon runner.

    Thank you Powertard for your input!

    It appears that my original order will not meet my goals, so I put in another order today. I think what might work best for me is a combination of EQ/Test to help increase my running performance. And yes...I do lift weights twice a week to try and maintain upper body strength.

    After my running season is over in November, I plan to try put on some extra muscle/weight. I can't stand how thin I look because of all my marathon makes me look gaunt and old.

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    Carderine and cancer risk is overblown...
    10-20mg ed is quite safe to use actually, in my opinion though.

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    SmashedJuice, I believe you are correct. I read the results of their research and it appears they used extremely high amounts of the test product...amounts that are far above any normal dose that would lead to a reasonable or statistically significant conclusion. Anyone can get cancer from all kinds of products if one ingests significantly high volumes of a substance. That's why the study was flawed.
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