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Thread: First Transaction

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    First Transaction

    Tried to complete my first transaction yesterday and again today. The requirement was to complete the transaction using Money Gram. After following the MTS directions to send funds to a receiver in Hong Kong, Money Gram security declined to process the transaction. Any suggestions on what to do next? Thanks!

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    I suggest you e-mail Mr big on the enquiries address

    He will sort it

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    Update - MTS sent me an email with an alternative payment option. It worked well and everything seems to be in order. Hope to see the package soon and look forward to seeing if the supplements will help with my running performance.

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    Going to try the halo two weeks leading up to a marathon in late September to help increase red blood cell production and lean body muscle. Based upon what I have read, I don't dare use it for more than 2 weeks due to liver toxicity. My hope is that a 2 week cycle as a precursor will really help red blood cell production and assist my endurance for the 26 mile race. Also, I think I will try a 3-4 week cycle of Deca/Test as soon as it comes in to see if it will aid in recovery of a hamstring injury and knee problems. Some of my research suggests that deca helps with joints, ligament, and tendon issues as well as muscle regeneration. Am I on the right track?

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    Hmm. might work but honestly I cannot see much improvement in terms of vo2 max from erythrogenisis in a mere 2 weeks. It seems improbable it'll help in such a short time period.

    It might help with pain tolerance

    Honestly hrt doses of test simply for your age...hgh too at 4 iu a day or something. EPO too but this can and will kill you IF you mess it up . ..risky.

    Honestly I know all the theory and science but my application of it is horrible. I am 20 yrs old and practically the last 3000 posts of mine are about how I have in some way messed myself up so take it with a pinch of salt!

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    Also I wouldn't run deca

    It's not worth the water retention bwhichbl will likely slow you down.

    Even low doses have a profound increase in BP which can wreck your performance.

    I'd be careful. It's a long ester so if you find yourself all messed up performance wise you'll take forever to clear it out and possibly wreck an entire season of running!

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    Wow...thanks for the heads up on trying deca for injury recovery! Any ideas about what I can use to aid injury recovery to a muscle?
    My vo2 max is pretty good. However, my goal is to improve endurance and extend it past 3 hours at a fast running pace. My thinking is that I can accomplish this by maximizing erythrogenisis...hence the use of halo leading up to and during the race. What about running halo for a longer cycle...say 3 weeks before a race? Also, any other supplement that might improve athletic performance during a marathon? I am already looking at EQ. It's obvious I'm new to this.

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    Eq is good
    Look at turinabol as well low doses. Look to see if there is any east German doping data in endurance athletes. There is a lot of data on the hormone because it was used in doping practices all throughott the east Germany period by the olykpic teams.

    It is a good hormone.

    I don't know if you do weight training but you could add in sokething like 150-200 mg a week testosterone,200-400 mg/w eq 4 IU hgh and 20 mg a day of tbol vduring a mesocycle for endurance weight training in the gym where you are doing say something like high rep squats and working on explosive strength which will have a carry over iirc.

    Then when you are focusing on the endurance specific running training you could add in the EPO...pull the tbol and add in halo 3 weeks out from the race.

    I wouldn't try all these hormones at once though. It's risky that you could in fact get sides and damage your performance (more isn't better). But I don't know..I only ever really did a lot of strength training got really bgood at it for a while got hurt did bbijg got a good physique for a while and now i am currently a fat 20 yr old typing this after doing 2 hrs of physio so again as previously mentioned don't take my advice as religious!

    I suggest getting in contact with a coach that knows about PEDs for endurance bathletes.

    Afaik the crowd around here is:
    Competitive BBers who are in tip top shape ie big guys...followed by
    Recreation gym rats who are likely out of shape looking for something to get in shape for holiday coming up then go off their leangain get depressed and get out of shape again
    Followed by power athletes


    Not the best crowd to help you here, unfortunately! And I certainly will not go into EPO use. I am not knowledgeable enough AT ALL. That stuff can and will really damage you if used improperly. I know of a guy who simply got sent 5000 iu vials not 2000 iu didn't check ended up taking 2.5x the dose he thought he was ended up with an hct of about 0.7-0.8 after being rushed to hospital after nearly dying in his sleep apparently.

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    Thanks for your help! I'm staying away from EPO...too risky. I just read something online moments ago about Cardarine GW-501516. Not sure where to get it, but I'll keep looking. Thanks again!

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