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Thread: New B (Help Please)

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    I agree with powertard there. Maybe get about 1000-1500kcals from calorie dense food and then get the rest from whole foods. With your fast metabolism you won't really struggle too much with unwanted fat gain

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    No wonder why so many bbers wind up blobs when they stop
    I guess once eating habits like this are established you'll never really eat or view food the way the average person views it

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    Ai is aromatase inhibitor
    Looks like you don't have one
    Try and get aromasin its the best AI there is

    12 oz flounder I assume is 12 oz flounder steak

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    1/28 th of it is 270 kcal
    £10 the entire thing.
    Horrible for you....but fun and cheap dense calories.
    Make everyone at work mad jealous that you get to eat a huge chunk of cake every day and not be fat

    Macros are pretty crap
    Lots of salt too

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    12 oz of flounder fish per meal . I don't think that is what you need though it is good for prep but not for bulking .

    Me personally l will run test e lower than Decca and let Decca do the work but l don't have a issue with Decca dick either. So try this

    The Friday before you start your cycle load 600mg Test e and 900mg Decca. Then Monday and Thursday take .5ml of test e and .75ml of Decca. 50mg of drol for 2-3 weeks unless it kills your appetite. Then it is doing more harm than good. Or if it makes you real lethargic. Now if you experience"Decca dick" up your test e to .75ml Monday and Thursday. Run your test e 10 days longer than Decca. Me personally since you did a decent frontload l would only run your Decca 8 weeks because gains will start at week 2 and go through week 9 for sure. When you run your AI run it eod when you take the Anadrol . After you stop M,W,F should work but treat as needed. Don't kill all your estrogen but don't run around with moon face either or a big water knot in the back of your head. In the case you are real sensitive to the Decca you will have to up the test e to 1ml if you have libido issues.

    I am sure people will argue with what l said . If you want l can break it down even farther why l think this is the best way to run it . Plus run your pct a little longer because Decca is the ultimate shutdown compound. Hcg and some of MTS PCt pills will work well. You can p.m. If you want anymore info .

    Remember none of this works with out a good diet and a good solid workout plan . Good luck and train hard and remember big guys eat even when they are not hungry . Every 2.5-3 hours

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    And Powertard is right peanut butter will help out. If you have to drink a shake instead of eat a meal carry a jar of peanut butter with you and eat 2 table spoons with your shake

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    How much aromasin do you take and how often?

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    How would you run your PCT and Hcg and how much and often would you take Aromasin? Please break it down further for me I keen to develop my knowledge of products and people's different ways of using them. For me I have only taken Deca,Test and dB followed by a pct that ws recommended by my supply.


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    If Deca Dick does occur what would be the best thing to do?

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    If using aromasin start at 12.5mg ED one week before frontload. Now the first 3-4 weeks you are introducing a good amount of AAS to your system so your estrogen level is going to increase a great deal . Because of Aromasin half life start a week ahead of FRONTLOAD to be safe. You may have to increase your aromasin during the first 4 weeks. My orginal AI protocol of EOD or M,W,F is for letro or Arimidex at .5mg .

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