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Thread: New B (Help Please)

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    It really frickin' hurt! Lmao

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    Honestly thought...just made a 6000 kcal diet plan

    I simply couldn't manage that on a daily basis. Even subbing in junk dense stuff like a jar of nutella.

    I'd feel...horrible. last yr on eq I could have done it but normally no way. Even if I had all day to eat I could not come close to 6000 of clean whole foods. I'd be distended bloated lethargic and probably constipated...don't even know if the body can process such a volume of food if it's oats rice chicken without GI issues.

    I admire you for putting yourself through it.

    Pretty tough going honestly.

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    Could you have a look at this link and let know which one please is best?

    What's best to take?
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    Thinking of taking some HCG about 5 weeks into my course to help bollocks do you think it's worth doing and how much and for how long?

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