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Thread: New B (Help Please)

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    New B (Help Please)

    Hi there,

    I have previously done a few cycles in the past and have generally just done Deca 500pw,Test E 600pw 10/12 weeks and Dianabol 60mg ed 4 weeks. Followed by PCT Nolvadex, Clomid 4 weeks.

    Height 6ft6,
    Weight 112kg,
    Age 28
    High metabolism


    Eggs, chicken, pasta, rice, natural yogurt, b toast, red meats, veg, fruit, nuts, shakes x2, etc... normally 4500kcals per day.

    Currently on PCT, planning next cycle looking for as much information/support as possible idea's please.


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    Christ 4500 kcal a day
    That's a lot lol

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    I've always had to eat loads to put/keep weight on and I do a physical job so that doesn't help lol

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    At your size plus a high metabolism you are probably maintaining at 4500 calories. You are a big guy period. I would bump up your calories to 6,000 if you can and replace those shakes if you can with real food. Add some oatmeal and sweet potatoes to the mix also. I am close to the same weight as you right now but am closer to 6 feet . My BF right now is hanging around 10%. You are doing a good job with the 4,500 calories. Most people eat like a bird and wonder why they don't make gains even with gear . My suggestion to you would be to run some Anadrol/tren e/Test400. If you keep your diet clean and low sodium plus run your AI at the right amount the drol will not bloat you or put on a massive amount of water . But it will add some good amount of muscle. You don't have to run a huge amount either. 50mg drol for 4 weeks. Depending how high you run your testosterone determines really how much tren you need in my opinion. If you use 800mg of test 400 (1ml Monday and Thursday) you can do fine with 200-300mg of tren e. Either .5ml or .75ml with your 1ml of test 400. And run your AI eod while on the Anadrol. When you drop the drol run the AI M,W,F. Run the Tren 8 weeks and Test 400 9 weeks (because of deconate in 400) . PCT according. You don't really need these mega watt doses because you actually eat. Guys run double the doses l suggest and eat 2,500 calories (800 consisting of shakes) and wonder why they can't put on any size .

    Keep eating and training. I would like to see a before and after pic of that cycle and 6,000 calories a day . And you are right about when you work a physical job you need even higher calories to gain or hold weight period. Good luck and stay healthy

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    You sure 6000 isn't too high? I mean that is A LOT of energy...A huge amount

    Why not try 5000 see where that goes then go up by 200 per week testing bf etc? I can't see how that is an appropriate amount of intake it seems far excessive for all but an Olympic athlete

  6. #6 that weight 4500 seems like a fairly small amount of food. I eat about 4000 to maintain a lean 175lbs (prob 8%) on a 5'10 frame. To break 185lbs i have to be eating at least 5500 and on some pretty serious doses. I def think he should be eating more if he wants to grow

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    This is mental

    I mean when I was on a lot of gear 100 kg at 10% at 170 cm 4 iu hgh 100 mg ED tren 900 eq 300 test I was training 4x a wk hard and also cardio ED
    Maintaining on 3200-3500

    I cannot imagine a 4500 maintain or 5500 to grow that is unbelievable calories

    I couldn't manage that clean every day I'd have to resort to eating entire boxes of cereal per day and stuff lol

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    Because he works a physical job he is burning calories up the ass. He is also 245+ pounds with a fast metabolism . Plus if he is trying to gain mass you need to nit be catabolic ever. The last contest l did l was eating 12 oz of flounder 6 times a day along with 200 grams of protein from egg whites, a a jar of almond butter and 300 grams of carbs from only sweet potatoes. And was having trouble holding my weight at 220 . I was around 6% at that time . I ended up at 208 3.9% bf and didn't change to much from that diet.
    In his situation he needs food period . That is just my opinion.

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    Thanks for the feed back lads I really appreciate it!

    Eating more makes a lot of sense as it is solid food I'll look at aiming for 6000kcals per day, it is hard because my breaks are different every day at work. I'll definitely look at slamming some more Egg Whites, Sweet Potato and Oatmeal in my diet.

    Could you explain what you mean by
    "When you drop the drol run the AI M,W,F
    12 oz of flounder,
    don't understand it.

    The Products I have are:

    Test E 300
    Deca 300

    What would u recommended amounts with these products, I'll look into taking Anadrol/tren e/Test400 on my next course.

    Many thanks
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    That's crazy, Big

    Awesome stats.

    Honestly insane

    Well you are the men to give advice....I'm not gonna argue with someone 208 on stage at under 4% ever

    Mass, just make some peanut butter sandwiches from gluten free bread or something just cram a few whenever you can I dunno

    Maybe just bring calorie dense stuff like biscuits or some pizza? Not recomnending dirty food but seriously unless you've got all day to eat you'll find 6000 of clean food horribly hard to manage.

    I vote adding in calorie dense stuff... Just see if you can sneak a toilet break or something and have something dense in calories...
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