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Thread: post diet hunger rebound

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    post diet hunger rebound

    Is this an actual thing? When I cut from low 20% bf down to 7% last year very quickly by essentially starving myself I noticed a number of odd effects:

    Became obsessed with food. All thoughts were about it. Planing next meal.

    Meals had to be served perfectly hot and correct and eaten in complete silence to savour the experience..ocd tendancy around food

    Food that tasted bland and boring was suddenly amazing...normal food like a bacon sandwich tasted absolutely insane

    HUNGRY. As in ***HUNGRY***.
    No saity limit at all. Would eat a huge meal and 20 mins later would be legitimate in pain from hunger.

    Obsessed about if I enjoyed my last meal or not. Unable to "let go" about what I'd just ruminating if it was served enough...even weird stuff like was the light shining on it the right way was cutlery set out right

    Sex drive died

    Felt cold all the time


    Ruminating about what other people thought of me

    Very emotional

    Mood swings

    Then the "binges" began and I felt totally out of control when doing it. Hunger and never feeling full prevailed for many many many weeks after...Would eat a giant 4000 calorie meal of chicken breast bell peppers Brown rice oats etc and nothing made me feel saited 30 mins after this giant meal i was HUNGRY again.

    CRAVINGS. Huge cravings for calorie dense stuff during regain of weight.
    Huge cravings. Insanity ijducing.

    Hunger so bad I'd be in physical pain the entire day

    And this all went on until I regained a huge percentage of my weight I lost.

    Also I am still struggling with ocd thoughts towards food and eating...Obsessed about food and unable to "let go" of what I had.

    It is really strange. I also notice I get hungry very quickly when i try and lose fat again. Before it wasn't a problem...I'd eat and let it go but after cutting that quickly I seem to be dominated by obsessive thoughts of food. Cravings happen really quickly now whearas before this rapid fat loss I would only crave junk a small amount of the time.

    I read this is called semiatarvstion neurosis and I also experienced adrenal fatigue. It is really messed up.

    I know what I am typing sounds really weird but has anyone here experienced something like this?

    It all started happening once I got down to about 10-12% body fat from avout 22%. 22%-12% was easy then 12-10% was slow then 10-7% was when all these weird psychological symptoms occurred and I got this insaitable appetite which never went away until I got to about 15%-18%. I was told its your body going the other way or something.

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    Not weird at all. My wife is the same way about food . Describes it like you are. Me l eat for purposes only. I look at food as fuel. I occasionally crave a pop tart. I have MD so it won't let me stray to much or l will mentally drive myself insane. Got worse after my TBI but made me a better bodybuilder but my quality of life is not great. You have a form of OCD with food. You have ritual's like a heroin addict does about the actual process of shooting up along with Euphoric recall of it and talking about how good the smack was or past experiences.

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    This only happened after I cut bf so fast
    I cut slow before was fine

    When i cut fast (did 2 weeks psmf 500 calories a day with 2 hrs cardio etc) is where this all began
    It was really strange

    I read about the minisota starvation experiment and most of the subjects ended up like this and psychologically damaged around food for a long period of time eg poor table manners ocd tendencies and even hoarding food rappers and stuff and buying food for others as well as a pervasive fear of having food taken away from them again

    They all regained their lost weight on average +10-20% then it normalised. For months and months they all had insatiable appetites, cravings man upon being released binged so hard he nearly died and had to have his stomach pumped.

    All of this happened to me and I'm still struggling

    It's very strange

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    Was never like it beforehand

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