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Thread: Fermented Food & Gut Health: How it Impacts Cravings

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    Fermented Food & Gut Health: How it Impacts Cravings

    A friend and I were talking yesterday and the topic of gut health was brought up. I thought this would be something worth bringing up to discuss because most of us are so obsessed with calories and numbers when it comes to dieting but we tend to neglect gut health and actually digesting the calories.

    My friend mentioned how, after adding Sauerkraut to almost all of his daily meals, he's seen a substantial improvement in body composition even though his diet (actual food items and not just macro numbers) has largely remained the same. We talked about how the addition of fermented food promotes the introduction of good bacteria into the digestive season, which in itself is a highly underestimate process in hormone regulation.

    When it comes to dieting down, whether for contest prep or in general, my friend's cousin wrote a piece about how this "gut bacteria", specifically the bad ones and the digestive issues that come with it, can influence you to have cravings and increase the tendency to go on binges and cheat on your diet more. Somewhere in the comments section he talked about how while artificial sweeteners, which many use for the free calories, may not directly impact fat storage, it does play a part in influencing gut bacteria which again leads to these craving issues.

    DISCLAIMER: The post in the screenshots below was not written by me. It was written by the cousin of a good friend of mine who is very well-respected and known for his knowledge and theory on body mechanics and nutrition. I have omitted his name because I do not know him in person and am not sure if he'd be comfortable having his name put out in the open like that. Nonetheless, all credits go to him and I just wanted to share this because I thought it would make quite a meaningful discussion.

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    Gut fauna is huge

    In autism, cultures respond to gluten and casein creating an opiate effect

    When I eat bread my symptoms get a lot worse.

    When I don't I feel WAY better

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