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Thread: tren after some info

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    I think it's personal response man, you never know how you'd respond as an individual until you try it. I've bulked successfully on 100mg Tren ED, TRT dose of Test and some Mast in the mix. I gained about a pound to a pound and a half while staying relatively lean. Of course it's not as 'fast' as blasting Deca or high doses of Test but a lot of the weight you gain on those would probably be water which you'd end up losing within the first few weeks of your cut anyway. Tren just gives a really good quality look and I don't have to spend as much time dieting down; it really is super versatile.

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    I'm running tren for the second time of my life. First cycle was 150mg of prop with 75mg of tren A EOD. I was using à different source and side were terrible. Couldn't eat, even drinking a protein shake was impossible and I couldn't get out of bed, too tired to do anything...
    Now I'm using "hard'n lean" I pin 1ml E4D so +- 200mg of test C, 200mg tren E and 200mg mast E per week. It's been 4 weeks, I feel good, I feel stronger, maybe a little tired but nothing bad. I can eat even if i don't really feel hungry, I'm cutting so it's ok. Scales doesn't move, but I'm bigger and I lost some fat.
    I think with tren you need to try and find what works for you. Lew test - high tren or High test - Low tren or like me low everything. I plan on buying some tren A and add it at something like 350mg per week in 4-6 weeks. I'll certainly make a thread here to review all that.

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    Before taking MTS Tren A, i was shit scared, so many horror stories on the 'net.
    Tren made me do this, Tren made me do that etc
    But my personal response in regards to sides was a bit more sweaty and tbh, that was it.
    If you were an asshole before Tren, you'll still be an asshole with Tren.
    Im quite a mellow guy so maybe this helped, but didnt have anywhere near the amount of sides people 'report' with Tren.
    TBH i think after reading the sides people exp. on the 'net, some people will have it in their mind that they too will get the same sides, and it become an almost placebo effect.

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    Tren scared me at first but after half a year i now know that most things arent true

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    Just ordered some of the Trembolona Acetato
    Going to run 50 mg/d for 90 days, 300 calorie defecit with 350 test 800 deca first 60 days then let the deca clear out
    Been dieting for two weeks now, already lost a noticeable amount of fat so far! Also got stronger and bigger...Cannot wait to see results after 90 days!

    Never run trenbolone before, I cannot wait

    I am excited

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