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Thread: Big and full only cycle

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    Hey guys I love Mts Eq and I thought to run a lean bulk cycle next winter 3ml/week + 30mg Dbol or 50 mg Tbol (another favourite) as kick start 4/6 weeks of total 15 weeks cycle.
    Any opinions?
    no test in the cycle? i would always have atleast some, even more because you are doing a bulk cycle. Test and EQ is a really clean lean bulker so that will treat you well, orals for 6 weeks are excellent. put some Mast on the side as well and it will be very good.

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    Big and full has test400/200Eq per 1ml 😃

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    Quote Originally Posted by NICK1626 View Post
    Big and full has test400/200Eq per 1ml ������
    sorry i was thinking of another blend. add some npp or deca, will fit perfectly for your lean bulker

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    Big n full only cycle

    I'm running a big n full only cycle. I did 1.5ml first week with bad pip in the quad. Next week decided to do just 1ml same again bad pip. I've kick started my cycle with oxy's since first jab just need some help is it the gear that I can't handle or what. I've never had bad pip before and I've done tren ace, test, sust, the full Shabazz

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    Have used big-n-full before, and believe me it does the job just perfect, ordering in 5 vials for my next order in fact. PIP can be a issue sometimes when injecting a new muscle but that's to be expected.

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