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Thread: Bulk Cycle

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    Bulk Cycle

    sup guys,

    About to start my bulk cycle and want to get your opinion on it.

    Thats what i thought of so far:
    - 500mg boldenone e0d
    - 150mg test e e0d
    - 150mg deca e0d
    - maybe some anavar

    - 10iu legit jintropin
    - 15iu humulin-r
    (both pre workout)
    - igf-1 lr3 (thought it may be bunk)

    What are you guys thinking?

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    Test up, bold and deca down.

    Anavar 25 mg/day for 6 weeks.

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    Acutally i would like to try the bolde at high dosage, so i will keep that as it is. Will drop the deca down completly and up the test.

    500mg bolde 3x per week for a total of 1500mg
    300mg test 3x per week for a total of 900mg
    Anavar 50mg, only have the 50mg tabs.

    Whjat do you guys think on the ai dosage.
    25mg Exemestan e3d to start with?
    Actually gyno isn't a concern because i got my gland completly removed, just feel like its not that good to have estrogen levels through the roof.

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    With HGH in the equation?
    -High Test! 6iu are for 1200mg TestE.... So you can go higher. 600 Deca 600Eq Anadrol + Dbol in and out
    -Since you have also slin i would add a 400-600 TrenA slin oves High androgenic drugs and so you can cycle it with orals
    -Lantus 90 iu and Humalog but you have to be expert user.

    In the end? Shitloads of IGF1 in your body but wet gains...

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    Will keep it as it is, it is a bulk but i want to keep wet gains a bit down.
    Would ofc like to add tren but it plays a bit havoc with my digestion...

    I should be able to gain quite good with the stack.

    Am only going to use humulin r and hgh pre workout, maybe humalog but i will see and adjust my protocol.

    Oral aas is a bit tricky with me. Anavar is one of the few orals i tolerate quite well. Anadrol, dbol all fuck up with my stomach.

    Its a shame real recombinant igf-1 is that hard to find nowadays... would pay quite a bit for it, but all the uk/eu source are bunk and everything from the us won't pass the costums here in germany

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    If you need real IGF1 you have to look for Increlex... 40mcg vial... 1050€ if i'm not wrong.

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