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Thread: Thanks to MTS for alot of free goodies!

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    Thanks to MTS for alot of free goodies!

    Evidentally they were out of nebido and such so my order of 5 products + 1 freebie got tossed, so they sent me a total of 16 products (14 vials and 2 bottles orals) instead. I think I came out ahead just a little. lol!

    Can't wait to build my Jintropin stash up to 400-600iu's from the 200 I got now and start running that at 3iu's 5 days week with some of the test and tren you guys sent me. Should be seeing great results starting at week 8 through 16.

    You guys rock!

    So does ********!

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    How much Test and how much Tren you will be running?

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    Those Jintropins are awesome I'm running 3 iu 5 on 2 off my hands are numb all the time and a little swollen getting harder by the week

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