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Thread: lipids on tren

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    lipids on tren

    Is it doable to keep good lipids on tren medium dose 50 mg ed?

    I love tren but I cannot justify thaving an hdl of 4 and an ldl of 400 risking a CV event before its due simply to be lean dry big and veiny walking down the street with my shirt off in summer time.

    I'm 20 but really I need to be taking care of myself. Bodies are painfully temporary. We know what bbing is moment you look great next moment you could be in a car accident 6 wks in hospital and lose a yr of progress. You never know what can take away yrs of hard work and to wind up being 55-60 dying of a cv event with a 20 something yr old kid without a dad or something because I was selfish in my youth wanting to look a certain way doesn't appeal to me.

    How can I make sure my body is in good health long term so I can look good as a 65 yr old? Risk:reward here.

    I've already learned the hard way what poor health is like from extreme abuse of my body and it is a horrible horrible way to live and misery.

    I want to do this the right and safe as possible and happy way from here on and not shit sling hormones and force food into my body so I can be muscular. The guilt of damaging my body for vanity has made me feel horrible and its time to end that.

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    MSM, and lots of omega3 will help a lot.

    This explains what does it... you can find it also in an herb, EQUISETUM.

    Btw if you want to run TREN, idd you can run it year long but i would try to cycle it up and down or it will smash you hard.

    Try to imagine your cruise dose aka "BASE": 200 TestE 200 TrenE 200 MastE, this will be your cruise dose and base for all your protocols to that you will add AAS to achiev what you need.

    So for ex a cycle can be: BASE + 700 TrenA or BASE+600 DECA etc etc etc.

    My 2 cents
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    Thanks jaxino

    Anyone on ******** have blood pannelbdone regarding liilpids with long term teen use and good Diet cradio etc?

    Would like to draw some data together here
    Really need to know I'm not likely screwing my heart up by taking hormones.

    Goingbtobgrt a scan done by a cardiologist soon to see if I've damaged anything so far thennnnn I'm getting one done every 6-9 mos
    As soon as anything starts flagging even slightly wrong I'm quitting this lifestyle because it isn't worth it to me

    When I was capable of power lifting yes it was because I was going to be sponsored and break WR but this a hobby and to die for a hobby is just plain foolish

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    How I have lived over the past few years needs to change otherwise I'm dying young plain and simple

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