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Thread: A thanks to everyone especially finaxat

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    A thanks to everyone especially finaxat

    Just like to say thanks to everyone for being so kind and helpful and giving input. You are all great people.

    I especially want to give thanks to finacat and his girlfriend for offering to help me around Xmas time last year. Their hospitality and kindness was really sweet and much valued.

    Fina if you read this, thanks a lot and thanks a lot to your girlfriend for helping me...sadly due to my scenario at the time I didn't make the most of your hospitality. Hope you are both doing well. You are both great people for what you offered me time wise.

    I cannot believe how kind and supportive and positive the bbing community is.
    never seen strangers be so kind to give their time to a random individual they have never met in real life before.

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    Great post to who this guy was I also love this support and helping each other life is to short we need to enjoy it and do are best while we can

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