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Thread: B & f p.i.p help???

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRIDZ View Post
    Ahh copy I've only been taking 2 x 1ml weekly, pin every Monday/Thursday training 6 days a week cardio mornings and weights in the arvo eating 6 meals a day proteins fats and carbs in check, 3500kl daily roughly, should I start seeing gains soon or do you think I should bump up the dosage?
    well 400mg of EQ week is nothing. consider that ineffective

    you are getting some gains from the test. I would actually have used this product with a combination of other products. but at least take it 3-4 times per week and see. gains should have already started with the test-400 but not impressive as you should take it more frequently. I don't know how big you are etc... but I would have taken 1xEQ-500 to give extra EQ, and then split the amount into 3 shots per week at least 0.5 x EOD or just 1ml 3 times per week. but all depends on your current development.

    I don't do these sort of cycles.

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    Yeah copy I should have asked more questions before starting my cycle, I will bump it up to 3 injections a week and see how that treats me, what do you think a good cruise cycle is mr big? Also after I cruise for 10 weeks I want to go another bulking cycle I was thinking a sus + deca + an oral but not sure which one as yet, I'm pretty new to all this man so bare with me, I want to run the sus 500mg p/w and deca 600mg p/w split into 2 injections Monday / Thursday with the oral eod for the first 4 weeks if you can give me more advice that would be awesome, keep in mind that current circumstances makes it hard for me to pin every day

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    Keep in mind this is my first cycle in over 3 years so kind of just wanted to ease my way back into it, I thought this would be an ok cycle to do that

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    On 2ml big and full Jou must see some gains after 4 weeks...

    I Run 600 test e +500 mg Bold couple months ago and gained some Nice Mass in 8 weeks. You Run now 800 mg test + 400 Bold and not seeing gains after 4 weeks???

    Mid september i start with b&f 2-3 ml /week+ deca + primo + orals, HGH etc.
    I know how my body respons on test + Bold, when i not see some beautiful gains after 4 weeks its crap.

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    Yeah copy kleine I've only just started my 3rd week so looking forward to seeing some gains I will keep you guys posted

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    2 ml/week currently with some other stuff and almost no pip. Very smooth oil.

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