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Thread: 15 week blast. No bs.

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    15 week blast. No bs.

    Using all mts gear.

    Week 1-8
    1800mg deca 300 every 5 days
    30mg tapered to 100mg dbol ED
    200mg test 400 EW

    Week 9-15
    1800mg deca 300 every 3-4 days.
    200mg test 400 EW.
    Generic mk677 50mg a day.

    400g protein a day from lean mince/chicken beast/ biltong dried beef.
    500-600c potatoes orange juice fruit and vegetables.
    150-200f from coconut oil avocado olive oil.

    6'5 FT 115 KG BF% 13-15%
    Lifts bench 120kgx5 dead 180kgx5 squat 140kgx5.
    (after food bloat and water dropped)
    129kg BF% 22-25% bench 145kgx5 dead 225kgx5 squat 180x5.

    Mr big can check my order logs so there is no doubt on my purchase amount.

    Thoughts: At first I thought I was just getting fat and strength was coming along with it. But now that I'm 16 days into my cut. I'm noticing that once the bloat from food and substances goes I've been left with a solid 10kg of muscle under it all. I'm very satisfied with the products especially for the prices.

    Currently cutting
    50 var ed 50 tbol ed 1000 eq EW 100 mastp/100trenace eod 40 clen 100 t3.

    Diet 400p 150c 50f. Cravings are virtually null thanks to the strength of mts. Seeing all kinds of veins in my arms legs delts obliques that I've never seen before ever even considering I'm still fat. And have no current loss in strength. Only issue is I can't workout for 2 hours with high volume. Which is expected.

    I don't want to advertise myself. But if anyone has any questions or wants proof. Inbox me and I'll shoot you over to my ig to check the process of the cycle and results.

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    your thoughts and results on mk677

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    Done it's job with appetite. But my god I looked so puffy and bloated around midsection when I jumped on instantly gained 10th watee

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    Can you please send me the pics? thanks.

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    Ig is Tall_skinny I'm derp to work the private messaging

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    WTF 1800 mg Deca 300 EW? What's that? It's this Deca eaven 300 mg on 1 ml? 450-600 mg EW if the stuf is legit should be enough. Did 300 mg EW for 12 weeks to try the stuff, bad resoults. Did 50 mg Dianabol for 50 days, bed resoults. I was expecting the Dianabol at 50 mg ED to be enought as with other brands but no resoults. Wil do 300 mg test e, 450 mg deca 300 for 12 weeks and see what happend, will start with 75 mg Dianabol ED for 50 days. Wil start in a month. I am 1,93 cm, 95 kg, 12% bodyfat.
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    1800 Deca... Btw you don't have the HGH in the equation so that's normal...

    How is going your cut without Test?

    Currently cutting
    50 var ed 50 tbol ed 1000 eq EW 100 mastp/100trenace eod 40 clen 100 t3.
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