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Thread: Stanavar. Real or Fake?

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    Stanavar. Real or Fake?

    Hi i have a tub of the Stanavar tablets I just wanted to check authenticity. There isn't a serial number on the tube. Could it of been on the box ( which has been binned)? Should the tabs be yellow also? Just never used this product from Med Tech before. And the sticker label on tub keeps coming off . Only a small thing I know but these things are making me hesitant. Cheers

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    Mine were yellow ovals

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    Quote Originally Posted by zbrown96 View Post
    Mine were yellow ovals
    that's them.

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    Same as mine. Trust me you will know when you take them . If yor BF is low your veins will be everywhere and in about a week your muscles will be so hard the needle will go in hard when you are doing your injection of whatever compound you are running with them

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