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Thread: Why are you not replying to me?

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    Why are you not replying to me?

    I keep receiving emails from inconsiderate beings who demand some sort of instant reply every time they email.

    It's a SUNDAY for goodness sake. Even SATURDAY is a weekend and some people like to spend time with families and not live on a computer.

    Don't be an inconsiderate moron and demand 24/7 responses. If I've missed an email here and there, just message again the next day.

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    You guys need to realize MR BIG provides a service to us that most others would not care to take the time to worry with. I know we sometimes think that because we pay for a service we want value but just need to remember without this service most of us would not be reaching our goals as we had planed for ourselves.

    You have always come through for me so just remember most of us appreciate what you have done and are doing for us.

    keep up the good work mate!

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