What's up I'm new to MTS.I placed a order for jintropin back in July. The delivery time was awesome got it in six days from the day I ordered it.I have bin on it for 5 weeks at 3 iu a day and my hands have gotten so numb in the past 2 weeks. It's still to early for any results.I also ordered another order of EQ/ premobolin EQ/ Masteron anavar 50 and pct pills. I used domestic shipping.I received someone else's order witch was a bottle of anavar and 8 bottles of other stuff.MTS was so great with communication.They always answer back right away. MTS let me keep the order and re sent my order for free. I think that is was really awesome of them.i also ordered the halavar. Since I stared taking the anavar and halavar and Maby the HGH is starting to kick in,I have gotten petty ripped.I feel a little more harder everyday. I also love that you can pay with a credit card no more western union or money gram visits for me.This company is top notch they got a customer for life.