I have always used both of these last 4 weeks of prep, seem to really dry me out nicely.

I have the MTS Halo tabs - 50x25mcg. I am 38 days out...

Normally I start at 25mg a day and then once I have enough to last me to show I up it to 50mg a day.

However, I stop jabbing a week from show and to be surely orals 1-2 days before a show is unlikely to provide any benefit? So was thinking of running it as 50mg a day from 30 days out and then last 5 days no do any - what do you think?

I won't give dosages but my current cycle - I stop jabbing one week out from show

Super Tren
Test Prop (pull this 2 weeks out just to help with making weight)
Mast Prop
Shredded (switch to tren ace last 4 weeks)
Primo Depot
Lean Bomb Oral

Just finished Tamoxifen, will do letro last 30 days

Then I now do methyl trien pre workout.