People say this isn't possible but I strongly disagree

I have always managed it, it is just slower than when in a surplus

Even when I first started anabolics on just 200 test e pharma grade a week I would cut in a 500-700 deficit and train hard to fail do some cardio and end up recomping decently fast and that was with no muscle memory

With muscle memory I am able to do it decently quickly, actually faster gains than natural and bulking

Anabolic processes do happen in a deficit but just slower. If logic was correct that anabolic processes do not occur when cutting then your body wouldn't grow finger nails or heal cuts and such.

On trenbolone I have grown on a 1000 deficit.

Also protein intake. I do not believe it is actually very important providing it isn't low when cutting **ON GEAR**. I believe carbs are more important. I reckon that as long as it is like in the 160 g p day range of good sources you are don't lose LBM just look less full. I have seen many dexa scans of people cutting on 300 test enth on 600 calories PSMF for a few months lose dozens of lbs and lose no lean tissue at all and seen a few where there is a +2-5 lb difference.

I think people are just scared to think they will lose gains.

I reckon growing in a cut is definitely possible up until a certain size and level of leanness then you do have to bulk and cut

Anyway, looking at adding in some nandrolone to my test enth...I'm only on 300 mg/w at the moment. Might add 200-300 mg a week of nandrolone deconate.

Any experience with growing on a cut from other people here?