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Thread: Not sure on where to go next

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    Not sure on where to go next

    Hi guys

    I was mid prep but had to pull out due to buying a new house and starting a new business and so could not dedicate my time to fitting in the required amount of cardio and also being unable to switch off mentally from work.

    I have been running 300mg each of test,tren and mast (Hard N lean) per week with 50mg of anavar and winstrol per day. since dropping from prep I have cut the anavar out but increased the winstrol first upto 100mg then to 150mg (just wanted to see what it was like at this dose).

    I haven't changed my nutrition at all in the last 5 weeks currently running 427p 445c 91f (started prep on 5500 cals). after dropping the cardio and upping the winstrol I have went from 193lb to 204lb but have still gotten leaner so I assume its mainly been muscle (strength has picked up too) looking a lot fuller too.

    The problem I have is that I know running this level of oral dosage is not good long term and is unsustainable. I do however want to continue gaining as much as possible right now while my body seems to be responding very well. Also as much as I enjoy running the tren I know I cant expect to run it for too much longer either.

    What would you recommend I switch over too?

    I was thinking maybes a low dose of test with a reasonable amount of Deca?
    2-300mg test 4-500mg deca?

    Any thoughts?



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    test 600 mg
    deca 300 mg
    mast 200 mg

    orals out for couple weeks, afterwards anavar back in and you going to gain some nice lean mass.

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    Simple enough! Any reason to have the test higher than the Deca?


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    Test at 600 mg/week is a minimum dose of test you should run if mass is the goal.

    Deca at 300 mg is enough, deca is a strong compound if legit. Very harsh on your system when going off gear.
    Deca higer than 500 mg/week is pointless, been there done that, and if you want go higher you better add anather other compound.

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    ok mate thanks a lot ill get started in the next week!

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    Im a fan of getting 7% shredded. Then blasting 150 to 200 adrol and ramping carbs salt and potassium into overdrive and looking insanely full and tight..

    But tbh when coming off orals just up the dose of whatever anabolic you sre using to compensate the lack of androgen fron orals.

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