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    This is the best blended testosterone product l have ever used . Within 6-8 hours you can feel the effects of it . Your libido begins to get reved up and gets kinda annoying like you are on tren ace. The strength gains and size gains are impressive and the ratios actually keep bloat at bay compared to sustanon. No PIP at all for me and 100mg prop from other sources or sustanon always give me small PIP. I gave some to a couple friends and they both said same thing 8 hours later libido going strong etc 💪

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    I've been running T400 at 800mg/week for about 3 weeks now and my libido is through the roof! Strength is improving a little. Getting a slight redness on the chest must be increased blood flow? My training partner thinks that my chest and shoulders have blown up a little....we'll see how the whole cycle goes....

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    Anyone else get hot, flushed face (cheeks) throughout the day whilst on T400?

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    I sweat like l stole something on T400 . 1ml Monday and Thursday works great. I did it eod for 2 weeks and it was to much for me. I was angry and my libido was so high my wife said" you need to bring someone so l can tag her in because this is craziness" lol . Put some tren ace with 1/2 a ml eod and a porn star is born ������

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    Ha ha I'm ordering some Tren Ace soon!! I've run this cycle before, but with Test P, it turns you into a sexual deviant haha! Do you get hot flushed face whilst on the T400?

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    Anybody get red & hot chest and face whilst running T400? Anyone know why this happens and how to prevent it? Thanks guys

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    Any other solutions for lowering red blood count? Or decreasing the red flushes to my face?

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