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Thread: Lean n hard/ tren a

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    Lean n hard/ tren a

    Have been running test e with tren a for 10 weeks now with great results. I'm out of test now but have started running lean n hard 2ml eod as if this week can I still run the tren a along side as I want to be looking shredded in 3 weeks for my holiday.....

    Would this combo work well?

    I'm also running winny 100ml a day


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    100ml Winny every day? Sounds insane to me.

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    50mg before fasted cardio
    50 mg before my afternoon weights sesh

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    Okay,now you are talking milligram,in your first post you wrote 100 milliliter everyday.

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    TestE for max lipolitic effect should be run at 300mg ew or 600mg ew studies says that...
    Atm you are on 700mg TrenE MastE TestE. With so much test you won't be shredded.

    You should run 3ml ew of Hard n lean (300 300 300) and on top of that add TrenA at 400-450mg ew, to put away water you have to add Proviron, Halo and Winstrol or throw away Test and just run for max 4 weeks 350 MastP+ 700 TrenA (ed inj) or Epistane ALONE.

    AAS: I would run 8 weeks of 3ml Hard n lean + TrenA, then 2/4 weeks of Epistane, then ofc you have to PCT or cruise (2ml Hard n lean ew)
    DIET: carb backload (50-100g only post wo) low carb high prots low fats, with 300g rice as carbs on Sunday.

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    If you want to look shredded imho try that:

    TestP 175 TrenA 700 MastP 175 Epistane 90mg ed

    Epistane overpowers Winstrol since it gives you fullness and dryness

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