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    Advice needed...☺☺

    Hi I'm a 47 yr old female and I am a gym goer for many years..After a months break I take the above but not sure what to take next ..any advice very much a precis ted. Thank you
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    Only thing a female should use is low dose anavar 5-20mg ed max. Or tbol designed for female German swimmers in the 60's. Unless you want to accelerate the process of losing your femininity. Stick to extremely low doses and compounds that weakly bind to the androgen receptors.

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    Thank you for taking the time to answer..Thank you

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    I would buy RAD-140 and couple it with Anavar Primo Masteron...

    Or just MasteronP and RAD-140. If you have money add 2 iu HGH ed.

    RAD 140 is a Sarm that will reduce DHT side effects drastically, so you will be able to run with it Masteron...

    Dbol for woman is a NONO, same with TrenA.

    Invest in HGH 2iu Bioscience (you can buy it here) ed before bed, it will be like using beauty creams every hours, not to mention the muscle growth, rejuvenation of tissues, better sleep...

    Anyway this can be helpful to you.
    Ultimate cruise drugs for females-
    Or base drugs

    To grow larger
    Primobolan- 300mg or less
    Equipoise- 300mg or less

    Drugs to harden the physqiue
    Anavar- 20-30mg daily
    winny -30mg or less Daily
    primo and eq as above
    clenbuterol 40-80mcg ED
    ECA stack

    Designer steroids
    epistane- 50mg ED for 4 weeks on and off

    Gh doseage
    2iu is a good dose 3iu is better 4iu for the bigger gals
    most will use 2iu
    Ed is better injection time depends on age
    2iu in the morning for younger gals

    30 and above can split am and pm

    40 and above PM only

    and higher doses am and PM

    Thyroid meds
    t-4 is ideal to start with first needs iodine to convert to t-3 (not all salt contains iodine)
    doseage starts at 50mcg and tops off at 100mcg for most not everyone
    then switch to t-3
    start at 12.5-25mcg up to 50/75mcg though ive seen as high as 100mcg
    most 25-50mcg

    womens tyroids are more senistive

    some mix t/4 and t/3 t-4 25% converts to t-3

    so if you do 50mg of t-4 and 25mcg of t-3

    total t-3 will be 37.5mcg

    remember MCG- not MG
    thats 1/1000 of an mg

    recomend pharma tabs not liquid. for safety.

    Soso Drugs- semi side effections possible changes
    Anadrol 25mg ED
    Masteron 25-50mg 3 times a week

    for the female bodybuilder harder drugs, effcts are non reverseable.
    Test short esters 25mg-50mg of TNE or suspention or Prop daily.
    tren ace 25-50mg ED
    Dbol 15-40mg ED 4-6 weeks on and off
    Antiestrogens- Nolvadex 10-20mg ED or Arimidex .5-1mg ed
    Anadrol doseage is 25-75mg ED
    Masteron 50-100mg eod

    feel free to add to this

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