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Thread: Tren a

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    Tren a

    I used MTS`s Tren Ace for my last cut, from 350mg-700mg a week. Very good stuff, and minimal sides. The Tren E is also good, but gives me a little more sides.

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    MTS tren ace is very good. Almost zero sides at 50 mg ED. Inject before you go to sleep.

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    A friend I am coaching just went on 25 mg testolic prop and 50 mg MTS tren a ED

    I will be posting progress pictures

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    Order a lot of these, Quality stuff .

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    Have used MTS Tren A up to 125mg a day in the past and not a bad word to say, top product!

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    I used MTS Tren a @ 50 mg ED up to 75 mg ED and never had any sides.
    Really great stuff!

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    Just lost my trembolone acetato virginity today!... 4 hrs ago

    I took 50 mg glute deep I.M inject then had a 4 hr nap...
    Woke up feeling really horny and slightly different, sort of more alert and awake than usual

    Will post my experiences after 1-2 weeks when it is doing the work properly!

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    I am having really strange vivid dreams on the stuff, very violent a lot of the time, too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    I am having really strange vivid dreams on the stuff, very violent a lot of the time, too
    I love the tren dreams. It's like a horror movie but I'm the bad guy >

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    Tren ace is certainly kicking in

    Visual changes already, my delts are more "3D" and separation is starting to take place! Pumps are ridiculous and my arms almost glow with this red radiance when I have a pump. Skin looks really tight, too. Noticing more veins, especially on forearms.

    I have seem to have gone "flatter" though, I certainly do not look as big as 350 test 800 deca, I am now on 350 test 800 deca 350 tren a per week. I am sure it is because I may have overdone it with the cardio the past 5 days while not upping my calories + being on a fairly low intake of carbohydrate so I imagine it is glycogen depletion

    I am going to up my calories by 200-300 a day to see if it makes a difference from carbohydrates

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