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Thread: SubQ vs IM Injections for Deca

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    Its okay for trt, as in literally 0.5 ml sustanon etc once a week

    Pharm is lower because.of lower bb ba.. So.u get.little/no pain
    it keeps blood.levela more stable and less aromatase activity too

    I do it with PHARM test.. 0.5 ml primotestin or cypionmax for example a week works well no.pain swelling

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    Never ever do that with shit quality ugl test
    I uses I think it waa guerilla test enth i got for free.. Did 0.5 ml (150 mg) sub q and 10 s just burned and hurt ao bad I got eyes. It went red like red rash all over my stomach and.ext say it was a LUMP the size of a grape all red puffy inflamed permenently stinging pajnful sore as hell. made me acream. Imy shirt would rub.on it and Id just be in a lot of.pain... Couldbt weightlifting belt dor 10 daya

    took like 12 daya to.go

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    Intra-muscular is the only way to go. Just pin into your ass.

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