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Thread: First bodybuilding competition coming up!

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    About 7,5 weeks in right now. Went from 97/98 to 104/105kg. Ofcourse i also gained a lot of water weight. But i can definitely tell i gained a few solid kg's of muscle. All my lifts are way up and people start complimenting about the progress i have made so we are getting in the right direction.

    Currently only running:
    800 mg T400 EW
    1000mg Equi-Max

    I finished the bulkbombs and i have to say, a very Nice product to bulk on. Everytime i took a tab my muscle were rock hard.

    One more month to bulk! In januari i will start my prep (cleaning up my diet and seeing from there)

    I will add some pro MT 200 add 1ml EoD and the closer i get to the show i will increase the dosage, add in harders and drop the test 400/equi max for some test p.

    As soon as closer to the show i will post some comparising pics and progression pics.

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    It's been a while ago since i posted some progress in this log! Still working my ass off. 8 weeks out so i will get more active now, because things are getting more interesting now

    Currently at 96kg with an bodyfat around 7-8%. The first weeks of the cut we just started to clean all the dirty meals out of the diet and after that just lowering the carbs. From now on i will start carb cycling. Cardio 4 times a weeks 30 min.


    Test 400 / 400mg EW
    Pro MT 200 / 100mg EOD
    Supertren / 0,5ml eod

    Closer to the show i'll up the doses and switch the test 400 for some test p. About 5/6 weeks out i'll add in eca. 3/4 weeks out i will start the halotestin/primo ace mix from MTS.

    All i can say about the mts gear.. Legit stuff, never ever been dissapointed about any of there products!

    I got a lot of progress pics. I have to see how i can add in before and after photos/current shape pics.

    Will post pics this in this week.

    Peace out!

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    Update time!

    4 weeks out right now... today i got a check-up done and bodyfat measured at 5,2% after the weekly check-up we got a posingsession in. Everything is on scheme, really happy with my conditioning already but i know i can drop even lower.

    Still carbcycling (3 days low 1 high) but tomorrow i will start (2 days low 1 day high)

    5x 30 min incline treadmill from tomorrow 5x35 min.

    Aas taking atm:
    Test p 1ml eod
    PRO MT 200 5ml eod
    Mast p 0,5ml eod
    SUPERTREN 0,5ml eod

    Upcoming wednesday i will start halo/primo mix from MTS at 20mg/50mg. Really curious what that will bring! The results i am getting from mts is just unreal. Never tough my hands on other brands, the service and quality you get from these guys are just unreal.

    Eca stack 1 pill a day thinking of upping this to 2 pills... Because of the energylevel + appetite controle.

    I send MR BIG some photos from before and after (5 weeks out) they will be up soon!

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    Sorry for the late reply on this.... flat out.....

    WEEK 5

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    WEEK 4

    These photos were taken yesterday at 4 weeks out. Bodyfat measured at 5.2% still holding a little bit of water but that will be fixed in a few weeks. Wednesday i will start with the halo/primo mix 2 tabs a day really curious what that will bring to my physique. From now on we start to load back on carbs faster (from 3 days low 1 day high to 2 days low 1 day high carb) because my bodyfat keeps dropping but i get flat really fast know... So a little bit more cardio and Carbs, to get me even more shredded, harder and vainier.

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    12 DAYS OUT

    I had to update to you because the mts gear is just unreal! 12 days out right know bf level is about 4% right now. This shot was taken past saturday. Let me know what you think.

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    Thanks for uploading the pics MR BIG! I will make you guys proud and keep representing MTS, people who haven't tried this brand are really missing out...

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    You already look unreal. Good luck for your comp! Keep us updated.

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    I will, next update will be saturday/sunday after i got my check-up done with my coach!

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    6 days out right know, really exited!

    I had my check-up past saturday and my coach was really really happy with the progress i've made in just one week. I dropped below 4% bodyfat and actually even leaner then the last picture MR BIG uploaded. We made some small changes into the diet, Salt/watermanipulation started yesterday and dropped about 1kg again last night. Last saturday i also got my last legday (depletion training) i will start with the upperbody today 2 sessions this week in an split fashion and the last training is an full upperbody workout.

    Curious to see how i look upcoming sunday! I will make a lot of pics and they will get on here. For now i have to stick to the plan!

    Once again MTS, thanks again for the extreme quality products!

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