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Thread: Question: DECA/TEST E

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    Question: DECA/TEST E

    Hey guys im newish at all this.

    first time combining.
    im gonna do 1ml deca n 1 ml test e 2 times a week.
    im doing glute injections do i take both in right glute n next time both in left
    or one in each every time ?

    last time i used test e + anavar great succes :-)

    hope you can help me out ;-)

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    Front load Decca 2.5 ml on Monday and .5 ml test e then 1ml Decca and 1 ml test e Thursday.

    After that .5 ml test e and .75ml Decca Monday and Thursday . Run Decca 10 weeks and test e 12 weeks . Ran exact same cycle on MTS gear and gained around 20 lbs . Also take .5mg arimidex on your injection days or every 3 days . Follow up with PCT. You don't need to run your test e higher than Decca . Decca dick comes from placebo effect in your mind. If you are giving your body exogenous testosterone you can't be shutdown causing Decca dick. Let the Decca do the work . It is a way better muscle builder than testosterone and does not aromatize at nearly the rate of testosterone (20℅) . You will be much happier with your gains and they will be more solid

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    First of all, it is better to stay on test if you're adamant on taking time off opposed to doing a lot of PCT's.

    600 deca and 600 test is quite a lot for someone who is combining oils for the first time (I did 250 test / 375 tren as first oil combination), it should however provide you with some serious gains. 600 deca and 300 test would also be great.

    For injections, it doesn't really matter. If your ass can handle 2ml at a time, it's fine. If it can't, shoot 1ml in the ass and 1ml in the leg.
    Pro tip: learn to rotate spots early on because scar tissue is a motherfucker

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    I agree with Smikkelpoles 100℅ . Also he is right about rotating shots with less oil. Glute injection is 3ml and 1.5ml for shoulder this is max ml amount for correct absorption and release

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    Test e 600 mg and decca 300 mg never fails for me . I usually up the mg of decca during cycle sometimes even those I don't think I need to .
    Maybe it's it's just my body but I always get gains within 4-5 days of
    MTS gear even with long ester .

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    I would suggest a 5:3 ratio of Test/Deca to avoid libido issues or the aka Deca dick.

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    Ratio has nothing to do with it mate, deca dick is down to bad balance of oestrogen/prolactin/dht

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