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Thread: Competition cycle advice

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    Competition cycle advice

    Hi Guys,

    My stats:
    29 years
    172 cm
    94 kg
    11% bf
    Training years: 15

    I have a competition commin up in 2017.
    I did Some competitions "all natty" a couple years ago, and placed pretty good at Some shows agains guys on drugs.
    But at Some point i realized If you really wonna do good in this sport, you have to jump on Gear.
    And So i did at my last competition.

    Because i diddnt NOw allot About steroids, and diddnt wonna go extreme for THE First time i decided to do a cycle for 12weeks during my prep:

    Test e 500mg e/w
    Winstrol 50 Mg e/d (last 6weeks )

    (I Will post Some pics from My competition shape later, If you guys are interested)

    I was pretty happy with THE progress i had made with this cycle.

    So NOw i Will Be competing in 2017, and wonna take in to "THE next level" and try to get in my best shape ever.
    I heared Some good Things About MTS and think i gonna buy my stack from them.

    So you guys have Some sugestions for my competition cycle?
    THE game plan for me NOw is to build als much mass as possible for THE first couple months and then shredd down.


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    Sry had Some problems with uploading THE pics.
    But that was my comp shape last year.

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    A good stack that is tried and true is test prop
    Tren ace
    Masteron prop
    Stanavar last 6 weeks

    I would use Parabolan over tren ace . I think Parabolan is the best way to have tren released in your system . Also MTS Duo-Mast is a good product .
    As far as dosage you would have to see but less sides if you run tren higher than tes prop

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    350 TestP (lower dose to 0 at 3 weeks out and put in Halotestin at 20mg ed)
    350 TrenA
    350 MastP
    350 Anavar
    350 Winstrol 4w on 4w off
    6iu HGH and 6iu Humalog until 4 weeks out-> 2iu HGH + 2iu Humalog, 3 times a day 0900 1200 1500
    20mg MK677 until 4 weeks out-> 2h before bed

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