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Thread: Lean gains

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    Lean gains

    Hi guys, just some lean gain wil 1ml eod be enough or should up the dose ? also they all auhtenticity ok so g2g ?

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    1 ml eod is enough

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    Drake have you cycled with lean gains

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    i dont cycle but yes i used it for my last cut

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    Ha ha....: how were your gains and strength

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    Not much to report aggression slight high then usual body become warmers espically at night.

    Weird feeling sometimes after injecting like a shortening of breath doesn't happen every time is this normal ?

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    Also my vial has med tec solution engraved with blue top is this one of yours checked out ok with scratch code

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    Yeah thats normal if you nic a vein.

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    Thought I put up my views on lean gain mate ordered it from received within 3 days good packaging.

    Started 1ml eod for 2 weeks found the sweet spot to be 1.5ml eod can't say a bad thing about the product within 7 days I felt the night sweats of tren which is always good sign. Ive got 2 weeks left and I'm feeling great sex drive has been up through out so test prop at 50mg has been sufficient- added andvar in 2 weeks in again from Mts lots of cramps especially in lower back nose bleeds so had to drop fish oils which has since improved but any contact my nose and its dripping blood I believe this is normal- now the benefits muscle hardness strength slightly up and feeling a lot tighter can't do much cardio due to cramps but I believe bf has defo come down.

    Great products mts

    Now some advice on my next cycle would be great.

    I'm looking to drop more bf stil ain't got no abs guessing I'm sitting at about 18%bf and get more tighter was thinking of using t3 through out the cycle with test e any thoughts or better cycle layout?

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