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Thread: Cabergoline/dostinex

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    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows where to get caber/dostinex as it's the only thing that will sort my gyno out I have tried letrozole and it's not touching it?

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    caber is used for high prolactin if you are lactating from your nipples try all day chemist they stock it

    are you leaking from the nipples?

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    Yes I've got high prolactin and letro is not touching it and caber is the only thing and thanks il give it a look is there any other trusted websites
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    Get onto the caber it is the Gold standard

    0.5mg monday - thurday first 2 weeks
    O.5mg once a week there after until sides go away or maintain the dose if your still using tren or deca

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    Have a little look around its not hard to find sources for dostinex or prami

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