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Thread: help and advice please

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    help and advice please

    hello people..

    i need some advice on the best way to run
    anavar 50mg tablets

    i have bought enough to last 8 to 12 week cycle and from what i have researched they do not or have very little aromatization so not planning on a serm or ai

    also not planning on pct unless recomended

    i hve trained for 7 years religiously now and just staryed taking steriods the lasy year
    which have included

    but thats about it
    i want to try and stay away from gyno as best as possible so any advice would be greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance

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    Anavar all pre workout
    tren split into 3 shots per week 300mg
    Deca split into 2 injections per week
    Monday Thursday

    Tamoxifen 20mg daily
    Since no testosterone I believe tri deca is tren deca this would work. little caber on hand but low estrogen you won’t get High prolactin anyway

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