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Thread: Spots & Water Retention

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    Spots & Water Retention

    I'm currently running Test400 and Tren A at 0.5ml EOD and taking 1 Stanavar tablet per day. I am also taking half a Arimidex tablet per day to minimise androgenic side effects.

    Is there anything I can do to reduce water retention and spots?

    Thanks guys!

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    Lots of water around 2-3L spread through the day, good clean diet, I would also recommend a cycle aid such as Cycle Assist (you can get it around £30 and it will last you two months, definitely helped me with acne). And obviously, showering 2-3 times a day and using spot cream/lotion or soap will help. Other thing is maybe avoiding tren. I am no expert but Im sure this will help you. Also if youre wanting even less water retention I would go with test prop instead of test400.

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