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Thread: MED-MET (Trestolone) and Hair Loss

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    MED-MET (Trestolone) and Hair Loss

    I'm curious...I have found conflicting information about Trestolone and its effects on MPB. Much of what I have found is that it can indeed contribute to MPB, but other sources explain that "Ment does not have the ability to be 5-a reduced into a DHT-variant, and therefore reduces the potential for side effects such as hair loss." Still new to the AAS world so I figured my friends here might have more definitive information about Ment and hairloss (MPB). Is so, would you be willing to share what you know? Thanks!
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    It's genetic bro we can tell you facts etc but in the end its all just genetic, some people lose a ton of hair of just something like testosterone, you can try it and see how it goes of course but if it is such an issue id look at different shampoos etc you can get what can prevent hairloss if its really an issue but if not i don't think you should take anything.

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