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Thread: First tren cycle!!

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    First tren cycle!!

    Hey guys!
    I am planning to run a cycle of test and tren a cycle! I will start with test e first for 3 weeks at 250mg each week and then add tren for 6 weeks at 400mg/w. And at my 9th week when I am done with tren I will only do test e for 3-4 week at 500mg/w. How does this sound?
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    If it's your first run on TrenA run TestE at *TRT dose, then start TrenA eod at 50mg (350mg ew).

    If you keep gaining/loosing fat (use mirror, not scale) keep that dose and keep dieting, you are cutting right?
    Because if you think you can gain muscle on Test and Tren without HGH and Slin you are delusional.

    When gains stop, maybe more than 8+ weeks, raise dose to 500mg then when gains stop maybe 8+ weeks go for 700mg.
    None really needs more than 500mg ew. Remember the more lean mass you have, higher dose should be. To be 220lbs at 6%bf none needs a lot of gear tbh.

    *TRT Test dose is: 100-200mg TestE ew

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    Thanks bro! But should i keep the test at 250/w?

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